Artist Team of Vincentaa


"Spread artisan's spirit,devote to creating every one of work!"

Our artist team director Jack Liu and Robin Wang both have been in sculpture designing for more than 18 years and focusing on studying the features of every popular horse breeds, like Body proportion and shape of bone, muscle, fur... .

Because of their rich experience, and with our advanced lost-wax casting, finest welding&chasing skills and also excellent patina, they always supply amazing bronze horse statues in art quality

So if you need a bronze horse statue, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

We supply a wide range custom-made service for bronze horse statue. No matter you want a larger size or smaller size, you want to change some details of a design, or you want a different patina (surface color), our teams can make it.


Vincentaa Team


Vincent Du

President & Founder

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Rebecca Wang

Key Client Manager

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Marina Liu

Sales Manager

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Minnie Mi

Sales Supervisor

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Monica Wang

Professional Designer

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