We supply a wide range custom-made service for bronze horse statue. No matter you want a larger size or smaller size, you want to change some details of a design, or you want a different patina (surface color), our teams can make it. And there isn’t too much cost difference between a custom-made horse statue and in-stock horse statue.

So if you need a bronze horse statue, don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.


We are also good at customing bronze statues, bronze monuments and bronze memorials which can leave a mark in your heart, remind you of a great moment, give you a deep relief or just make you smile, as you remember a person or that special event. Statues are crafted to remind us of something/somebody or to entertain through the effective communications of art . Natural, powerful or stylish , bronze statues have always been a way to exhibit human emotions, occasions or make a lasting tribute to a person.


A bronze statue will last forever


This is why it is very important to carefully choose a competent and professional artist to design and create a high quality statue that will truly have an impact and last forever.

Vincentaa owns the most efficient and professional artist team, Under the leading of Robin Liu and Song Ye, they have finished more than 350 different custom bronze statue projects in the past 6 years.

We make bronze statues for treasured loved ones, veterans, local heroes, pets, mascots and celebrities who have made a lasting impression on others. At Vincentaa Custom Bronze Sculpture, we involve you in all decision making and capture in exquisite detail exactly what you need and how you want it.

There are no limitations on what we can do. From Two to Twenty Feet (and more), we have the technical capabilities to design the most incredible bronze art.


How To Place Custom-made Order?

1You supply us with several photographs with dimensions.
2Once we agree on a photo to base the design on, we will begin to make the clay mold.
3 As the mold is being made, we are in constant contact with you showing the progress.
4Changes and alterations are made to the mold. The mold will only be casted after your approval
5 The sculpture is cast in Bronze.custom bronze patriotic sculpture.
6 Patina and a protective wax coating are hand-applied.
7We Deliver, You Enjoy!

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